Sanitval is very much aware of its responsibility for the protection of the environment in the correct disposal of the waste generated by its activities.
The waste is sorted and taken to the appropriate waste disposal containers at the selected dump sites. Any waste of value is put aside for special treatment.
We recycle any off- cuts of copper, brass and lead as well as the wooden pallets used for carrying products. The different pieces of waste are cleaned- up to ensure a good price from the sale of these items. The company doubles the proceeds which then go to the Sanitval Association, a non-profit making association organized by the Sanitval employees on a voluntary basis, whose goal is to help local people in need.
Sanitval has also put solar panels on the roof (thermal and photovoltaic) of its offices to recycle heat and electricity and has also installed a system to recuperate rainwater for washing the company vans.
An environmental charter has been put into place to ensure the continuing engagement of the company and its employees for the protection of the environment.

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