Charitable Initiatives - Sanitval Association

The Sanitval Association is a non-profit making organism created by the employees of the Sanitval company. Time and services are given freely by the members on a voluntary basis.

The aim of the association is to help people in need, using the money earned by recycling and selling- on the waste products, such as copper, brass or lead cut-offs and wooden pallets generated by the activities of the company. The Sanitval company doubles the amount earned by the sale, to give the Association sufficient funds to act. The Sanitval workmen sort and clean the recyclable waste to ensure a good price.

Several actions have already been successfully completed – see the French press articles.
Maëlye is a handicapped girl whose mother was experiencing great financial difficulties. A local baker decided to help her with a car and other shopkeepers in Mougins along with the Sanitval Association joined in.

Denis is a young boy who was severely affected by a cancerous tumour in the head. The Sanitval Association helped his parents cope financially with all the medical treatment that he needed to survive.

Many other actions have been completed, for example, helping elderly people with their plumbing or heating problems when they have only a small pension and are unable to pay for it themselves, or helping local handicapped associations with various missions to help people in need.

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